Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that the process of competing in the Agricultural Innovation Prize goes as smoothly as possible. We have listed some frequented asked questions to help assist you.  If you have additional questions, please e-mail and a member of the organizing committee will help you with your question.

What institution’s students qualify to participate?
Any accredited school, college, or university’s students enrolled at half time or more may submit an entry to the prize.

Can my team extend across college boundaries?
As long as you meet any other criteria, you are welcome to form cross college or cross disciplinary teams.

Do I need to be an undergraduate student to participate?
All students are eligible to compete, undergraduate, graduate, continuing, etc.

Can I enter multiple ideas in the contest?
Yes, although as contest organizers we’ve previously found that students who are focused on a single entry tend to have more success in the competition.

Do all of my teammates need to be students?
No, your team may consist of a blend of students and professionals, as long as the students have a controlling (majority) interest in the business entity’s activities. For example if you were a student who partnered with an individual with some intellectual property around a novel agricultural process, you would have to have worked out a 51% majority share in the business entity that controlled the IP.

How many teammates can I have on my team?
There is no limitation to the number of participants on your team, however we would caution against creating a large team (5+) as it will make entry coordination, communication, and travel difficult.

Does my innovation have to be unique, completely novel, or entirely new?
No, your concept does not need to be new to the world, many of the worlds greatest innovations are subtle changes to existing techniques or technology that allows a vast improvement in usability, access, or control to an existing process or product.

Does the contest cost money to enter or participate in?
There are no mandatory conferences, entry fees, or cost of any kind to participate in the competition. The finalists will be compensated $1,000 for their travel expenses, including hotel stay in Madison, WI, plane or vehicle travel to Madison, WI, and materials for their poster presentation.

I’m an international student currently studying at XYZ United States university – am I eligible to compete?
Yes, as long as you’re an enrolled student (who will remain enrolled through the spring semester), you’re eligible to compete.

Have a question? Please contact us.