All teams must abide by the following rules of the Agricultural Innovation Prize to be considered eligible to compete. Any questions or clarifications can be sent to

  1. A team must consist of at least 50% students who are enrolled at half time or more at an accredited US college or university.  Students may be U.S. nationals or international students.
  2. An entry must be a product, service, technology, or process (no policy, marketing, etc.).
  3. Individuals may participate on more than one team as long as each team is aware of the shared participation.
  4. Teams may not enter an existing business which has secured more than $50,000 in capital (for instance – revenue, sales, investments, grants, loans, etc)  Teams may not enter an existing business (greater than $50,000 in sales per year).  (updated 2/24/2014 to reflect the language on the official entry form at iStart –
  5. Students must hold a controlling interest in any competition entry (business entity must be majority owned by participating students).
  6. Any coordinators for the Agricultural Innovation Prize with access to contest-entry materials, judges, mentors, or the competition management may not enter into the competition.
  7. Any funding raised prior to entry must be declared in the competition entry.  Failure to fully disclose funding will result in disqualification.
  8. Any submitted materials must be the original work of a declared team member or held under a disclosed license.
  9. Teams are encouraged to pursue appropriate intellectual property protection (including but not limited to patents, copyright, trademark, trade secret, etc.) to protect their entry prior to disclosure in the competition.
  10. Any prizes awarded are at the sole discretion of the judging team and not subject to appeal.
  11. To receive any prize, a student member of the team must be present at the competition and awards ceremony.
  12. Eligible teams or individuals may submit more than one entry into the contest.
  13. All submitted work and materials must be the work of the entrants, except in the case of properly licensed intellectual property.
  14. Only student members of the team may present the competition material, however non-student team members are allowed to answer questions.
  15. The coordinating team with the Agricultural Innovation Prize reserves the right to withhold awarding of any prize should there be no worthy entry available.
  16. These rules, terms, and conditions may be updated or modified at any time. The Agricultural Innovation Prize will attempt to notify registered participants of the updated terms.
  17. Failure to abide by the rules, terms, and conditions may result in disqualification from current and future competitions years, subject to the sole discretion of the Agricultural Innovation Prize organizers.

Prize Winning Teams:

  1. The finalist, grand prize, and audience vote prizes must be awarded to affiliated universities or legal business entities. The travel grants will be awarded to individuals, affiliated universities or legal business entities. As the award recipient, you decide to whom the award is granted. Please know there are definite tax implications tied to how the award is made. Any university accepting an award on behalf of its students must agree to make available the full award to their student winner(s), the university may not retain any funds to cover overhead or other costs associated with processing, dispensing, or maintaining funds.
  2. All finalist and grand prize teams must meet mandatory reporting requirements at 6 months and 1 year from the close of the competition.  These reports must include an update on the state and status of the business and students involved, a summary of expenditures to date, and a trajectory or likely outcomes of the business looking 6 months in the future.