Judges and Mentors

The Agricultural Innovation Prize will attract hundreds of top business plans coming from all disciplines and students of all backgrounds nationwide.  We are charged with the responsibility of finding quality judges who are familiar with all areas of the entries, with the background and experience to identify a successful team and an award winning concept.  Judges will be draw from industry, academia, and government with a variety of backgrounds and interests.

We’re always seeking world class judges to assist in vetting student ideas entered into the competition.  These concepts span from farm to fork and sometimes don’t share common ground to allow for a level evaluation, which is where you come in.  We welcome you to contact us if you have what it takes to pick a world class entry with legs from a bountiful harvest of great ideas.  Please see the judging criteria page for information on how contestants will be evaluated.

Please feel free to get in touch with us about this opportunity – team@agprize.com or submit your information here.

We need mentors to help support teams nationwide.  Mentors will come from a wide range of professional spheres, including but not limited to:

  • Agricultural professionals working at all scales
  • Start-up and small businesspeople
  • Corporate businesspeople
  • Urban and regional planners
  • Engineers
  • Professors
  • Ecologists
  • International Development professionals

Expectations of Mentors:

Teams will be able to look to mentors for assistance in refining their proposals, identifying potential challenges, as well as for a source of expert advice. Mentors will preferably be located geographically close to the participating team and be able to provide expertise in the field of that proposal. Mentors, along with Team Support Coordinators, will help to ensure high quality entries.

Why be a mentor?

By volunteering to serve as a team mentor, you will be able to be part of  an exciting initiative to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing food and agriculture, where the limits of creativity are the only restriction.  You will also be able to lend your knowledge and experience to help students in creating robust and innovative proposals that could make a real impact on the health of our food system and citizens around the world.

Still interested in mentoring a team?  We’d love to have you help our teams to success – please fill out this form to be added to the mentor pool.  Thank you for your support!